I’m a big fan of Jane Roper, because I love any author who is willing to laugh at herself. Since 2007, Jane has been baring her soul for the world and now, she lets us into the nitty gritty details of raising twins with a fantastic new book that will speak to all mothers.

Presenting Jane Roper’s new Double Time: How I survived–and mostly thrived through the first three years of mothering twins. No issue is off limits, and this is what makes it so endearing. It’s as if you are sharing a good laugh with an old friend–with a few of those old friend tears flowing in between.

Jane’s writing is so vivid and fun as she describes her “lazy ovaries” and a landlord who sings gangsta rap. All of these descriptions serve to paint a ridiculously awesome picture of parenthood. While I don’t have twins, our struggles are similar and our shared lack of sleep certainly exacerbates an overall new parent haze. I also love how she breaks down the share of household duties with her husband, super talented rocker, Alastair Moock, as 60-40. Jane insists she gets 10% more “per boob.” Awesome.

But my favorite takeaway might be that Jane “never learned to make order of chaos but to tolerate the chaos more.”

Get the book. And while you’re out, buy a copy for a friend. It’s that good. -Eva

Double Time by Jane Roper is available at your local independent bookstore, and at our affiliate, Amazon.