Preschool graduation gift idea: Crayola Doodlebag

I didn’t expect to have tears streaming down my face at the very idea that my baby girl would soon graduate from pre-K, but here I am–and here they are. How did she get so big?

But despite the unexpected sniffles and “but she was just born two days ago!” feelings, I’m every inch the proud mama–especially because she’s so proud. So I was happy to find the perfect pre-K gift for my new little graduate.

Meet the Crayola Doodlebag at Two Blue Peas.
The cool bag is filled with chalk, an eraser, crayons, a pad of paper,
and a built-in chalkboard–all the supplies kids love from their pre-K
days with all the organization of new kindergartners. And here’s a great
draw (ha): optional personalization that’s available in three different
font styles and 18 color choices.
Perfect. I
wonder if Two Blue Peas has anything available for high school
graduation, because I, uh, get the feeling I should start working out my
feelings on that now. -Lexi

Celebrate the pint-sized graduate in your life with one of these Crayola Doodlebags from Two Blue Peas.