Whether you need a graduation card to honor a high school senior, a college student, or maybe even a middle schooler, things are…a little different in 2020. While Christina has shared some amazing ways to honor your 2020 graduate during Covid-19, there’s one more I just have to add to the list: a simple greeting card that’s perfect for 2020..

If you’re the type who would ordinarily pick up a copy of Oh The Places You’ll Go, immediately head to the RAYGUN online shop to grab your own “Oh, the Places You’ll Go…Later” greeting card.

I mean, is anything more perfect for this particular moment?

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The perfect 2020 graduation card during Covid-19: Oh the Places You'll Go...Later

It manages to strike that delicate balance between “I am so proud of you, my amazing graduate!” and “STAY HOME AND WASH YOUR HANDS FFS.” In other words, it’s the ultimate mom card.

Pop some cash in there too, while you’re at it, why don’t you.

Find the “Oh, the Places You’ll Go…Later” graduation card at the RAYGUN store, along with other irreverent graduation cards made for this moment. .25% of the profits support local food banks.