There’s a lot of inspirational quote jewelry out here. And it’s lovely — but this is definitely not that.

Instead, Presently has created a truly meaningful collection of bracelets, each engraved with mantras derived from actual cognitive behavioral therapy practices.i

These are the statements that you repeat to yourself when you’re having an anxiety attack or struggling with overwhelming feelings.

I know. I’ve been there.

The brand was created by sisters Lindsay and Emily Stetzer, who both have worked through a lifetime of anxiety and OCD themselves. So for them, this is personal. Their hope is that each bracelet not only allows the wearer to manage their own stressors throughout the day, but just as importantly, to help open up candid discussions around mental health and help to destigmatize the anxiety (clinical or otherwise) experienced by millions of people right now. Including lots and lots of adults in our own lives

As for the bracelets themselves…well, they’re stunning. I’ve seen them in person (Emily is a friend) and I think I have a new favorite gift to give.

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Presently Jewelry is destigmatizing anxiety and mental health issues with bracelets that give back and share mantras that can help in the moment

Each Presently bracelet contains a plate engraved with mantras you may recognize if you’ve every worked through anxiety issues. Phrases like like Brave the uncomfortable, embrace uncertainty, I let go of what I can’t control, My thoughts are passing clouds, and my favorite — It’s okay to feel how I feel.

(In fact, that’s the one I’ll be ordering now.)

"Brave the Uncomfortable" - not an inspirational quote, but a mantra used to help relieve anxiety | Presently Jewelry

"Embrace uncertainty" - engraved on a bracelet from Presently Jewelry, which is actively addressing anxiety and mental health issues

Whatever your style, you’ll find something that suits you — gold and silver chains, a refined macrame bracelet, or meaningful gemstone beads including moonstone (new beginnings), labradorite (protection from negativity), black tourmaline (power and self confidence); plus beautiful combinations like white agate with green aventurine in time for spring.

What’s even more special:  Each bracelet you purchase means a $5 donation to some of our own favorite mental health organizations, including the Child Mind Institute, NAMI, Anxiety and Depression Assn of America, and the International OCD Foundation.

"It's okay to feel how I feel" - engraved on a bracelet from Presently Jewelry, which is actively addressing anxiety and mental health issues

As the Stetzer sisters put it on their site, they’re not creating a “good vibes only” space, but an environment that allows for the honesty and authenticity that can really help people heal and that’s reflected in their lovely Instagram feed as well, which includes helpful tips, education, and moving testimonials from fans.

Presently bracelets are engraved with mantras derived from cognitive psychology to help with anxiety in real ways

Presently bracelets help relieve anxiety with mantras pulled from cognitive therapy

I can’t think of a more thoughtful gift right now for Mother’s Day, a birthday, an upcoming graduation — or a “just because” gift for someone who could really use the reminder that they’ve got this. And you’ve got them too.

Visit for lovely jewelry that helps support mental health in so many ways and give them a follow at @thinkpresently on Instagram