Kryptonite at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply StoreIf you have got super hero fan at home, and we are talking a comic-con diehard, we have found the place to make all of their comic book dreams come true.

Welcome to The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Sure, we have featured capes and costumes here before, but this clever shop has waaaay more than that to offer. Selections start with a fabulous superhero baby romper, but you’ll also find mind readers, vacuum suction cups for scaling walls, x-ray glasses, gallons of antimatter and
loads more in their wide selection of must have real hero items. It’s like the back page of those comic books of your youth, come to life. There are even lame capes listed–though I think they mean lamé, and not lame.

of the smart offerings are obviously phony, like an invisible jet for 42
million dollars, but that makes it all the more fun. It’s about
imagination. Though no, they don’t provide any sort of radioactive
materials to alter your genetics, causing extreme super powers.

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store
While I wouldn’t mind access to some of these goodies myself, you can be sure that outfitting the cool dad in your life with any of
these totally awesome superhero wares would score major brownie points
this Fathers Day. Have a super kid at home too? Set them both up for
some Batman and Robin style action to protect the axis of good and evil. And please, do not forget the camera. – Stephanie M
you happen by Brooklyn, a visit to this store is a must! However the Superhero Supplies website is very full and quite fun to navigate.