Let me tell you a little about why I’m in love with the Serenity Star: when our daughter was first born, we were– like all parents of newborns– suddenly ruled by sleep and eating schedules. It was exhausting and stressful, made even more so because she came five weeks early. I know my story isn’t unique. Which is why I think this just-released baby product from Aden + Anais is about to be the new must-have baby product of the year.

I so wish the very brand new Serenity Star had been around when I was a new mom… but at least it’s here for you, now. This all-in-one electronic sleep system is truly a multitasking dream. Liz even called it one of the best new products for babies at a recent baby show.

More than just a clock, it includes a feeding diary so you can keep track of the last food session–you can even press a button to log with which breast you fed the baby last. (Amazing, because what sleepy mom
can seriously remember?) But it’s also a sound machine with two soft lullabies, a heartbeat, and white noise; a nightlight; and a room temperature indicator which glows a specific color if the room is too hot or too cold.

All this in one sweet little star that matches any nursery at all. Oh, it’s also portable.

Not surprisingly it was designed by Aden + Anais founder Regan Moya-Jones, a mom of four herself. Because it’s truly everything parents of infants need for total peace of mind. And who knows–that just might even
translate into a little extra shuteye for you too. -Lexi

Pick up the new Aden + Anais all-in-one sleep system, the Serenity Star

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