I’ve been using Fairy Tales hair care products since my girls’ first haircuts, when the stylist recommended them. While they’ve become very well known for their gentle lice shampoos and repellants for kids, the rest of their line is pretty awesome too. And now they’ve got a few new kids’ hair care additions that are perfect for summer.

The Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo and Lemon-Aid Conditioner are fantastic for after days in the sun, dips in the salty ocean, or underwater time in the chlorinated pool. You can even leave the conditioner in a few minutes to stave off that green tint that chlorine can leave on kids’ delicate hair. My children adore the citrus-y scents (especially the shampoo) and I like that the products are free of parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, and other stuff that I’ve tried to rid our bathroom of lately.

My kids’ hair looks pretty great, and even my five year-old looks forward to having her hair washed (“Use the lemonaid stuff, Mommy!”) and that’s saying something. –Liz

Check out the new line of children’s sun care shampoos and conditioners online from Fairy Tales Hair Care. PLUS get free ground shipping on all orders $25+ through 7/15/12

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