Moulin Roty's Wooden Tool Box
When my kids were little, they had a bunch of plastic “tools” that they could use around the house. But once they outgrew these toys and actually wanted to “saw” something, I was at a loss since our real tools were just too big and dangerous. But here, at last is a compact tool kit out of France that’s sized perfectly for their little hands.

Moulin Roty’s Wooden Tool Box is such a nice gift for the young aspiring carpenter. With a child-size hammer, two screwdrivers, and a mini saw, this beautifully constructed and packaged kit is a great way to make kids familiar with real working tools. Plus the wooden box will keep everything tucked away when not in use and not strewn across the playroom floor.
While the saw isn’t able to cut wood, only cardboard, it is still sharp and should only be used with adult supervision. I’d say the same of the metal hammer and screwdriver, since I’d hate to find out that my kids had been pounding on my coffee tables in an effort to “fix” it.
But, if you start them young, perhaps they’ll be the kind of adult who doesn’t immediately smash their thumb when trying to hammer in a nail. Christina

You’ll find Moulin Roty’s Wooden Tool Box at our affiliate Amazon.


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