I spend a lot of time lately telling my kids about the “dangers of the sun” as I apply yet another layer of SPF 30+. But this weekend, we spent a lot of time talking about the cool art that the sun can make with this creative new kit from CMP favorite Eye Can Art.

Their new Fabric Sun Photo Kit is a great way to to flex those creative muscles in between beach days. What makes this kit so special is that, like so many of Eye Can Art’s kits, instead of telling kids what to make, it tells kids how to make their art piece, and then lets them have at it.

Want to sketch out your picture on the clear plastic sheet using the marker pencil? Go ahead. Want to collect little objects and lay it out on your sheet to make a silhouette picture? Sure! Want to do both? Go crazy!

After the kids figure out their composition, it does take a steady hand to get the light-sensitive cloth behind the plastic sheets and out onto the sun where it sits for a while. As if by magic, the light-sensitive chemicals in the cloth react with the light, leaving behind a silhouette of your child’s artwork onto the cloth. Just a simple rinse and quick dry time, and the picture is set.

My kids loved pointing out what they used to get the intended effects: a tiny spoon for a body, cotton balls for clouds.

I also like that there are enough materials to make nine prints which is enough for a group of kids or multiple days. Please note that each print has to be made one-by-one, so it may not be best for a birthday party craft, but when you’ve got a long afternoon to kill, this spread-out crafting time can be a savior.

Once all nine prints are complete, Eye Can Art even includes hemming tape, ribbon and instructions for putting them all together into a quilt-like piece of artwork. What a neat way to preserve the memory of a sunny day. -Christina

Eye Can Art’s Fabric Sun Photo Kit is available at our affiliate Amazon.