Worcester Worcesters jersey
All kids can rock their little league team uniforms but alas, my kids don’t play traditional team sports and therefore don’t get a complimentary skateboarding jersey (should there be such a thing). They want jerseys, but they want them to be unique and different. Jersey envy? You bet.

This sportswear website is the answer to their dreams–and mine–because it’s a fundraising opportunity and a cool thread company.

Prep Sportswear lets you choose from shorts, shirts, jerseys
and so much more. But my favorite is the remarkably comprehensive vintage team jersey section.
We’re talking teams from every state (plus Puerto Rico and Guam) in each of 5 sports. From the Adirondack Lumberjacks or the Anaheim Amigos to the West Oahu Canefires and the Worcester Worcesters. Really.

Feather River Fury sports jersey from Prep Sportswear
You pick your favorite team–or download your school’s logo– pick out a color, size and customize away. My son chose a
bright yellow Feather River Fury football jersey with the number 33 and his nickname to go on the back. We did a little
digging and found out that it’s a minor league team started in 2000.

I admit I’m a little depressed that 2000 is considered vintage.

The gear is all high-quality and comes in just a matter of days, which is pretty awesome for a fully customized jersey. When my son’s jersey came, he told me that he
wanted to frame it because it was “so so nice.” That’s what I’m talking


Check out all of the vintage team jerseys and other customizable jerseys from kid through adult sizes at Prep Sportswear. Also check out the excellent fundraising component which doesn’t require you to hold any inventory.

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