For many of us, this is a sobering and painful day, one that we will always remember. Whether we lived through the darkness in NYC and DC 11 years ago, or we watched the terrible events unfold from our homes and offices far away, 9/11 will never be far from our memories. Today, to remember, we’ve highlighted a number of extraordinary opportunities for all of us to honor and care for those most affected by the tragedy. Let’s reunite, remember, and above all, make a positive difference today.

united on 9/11 is a website that was created to give people a place to share their service projects with others, or to find organizations in their communities that can use volunteer services. We love that the site shares lesson plans that both teachers and parents can download to help talk to kids about 9/11 using age-appropriate language. 
As parents ourselves, we love the story behind Tuesday’s Children, an organization that provides support to those directly impacted by the events of September 11, including children, families, and 9/11 responders, by providing life-changing programs and services. You can donate monetarily, or volunteer to become a mentor in the program. 
And we love everything behind the site, which will host a live webcast of the commemoration ceremony this morning. The site offers info about visiting the memorial if you’re going to be in the NYC area anytime soon, and the net proceeds from the online museum store are dedicated to developing and sustaining the memorial and the museum itself. 
Here are more ways you can honor the victims of 9/11 and participate in the National Day of Service