I spent a lot of time looking for the “perfect” birth announcements for my three children–something unique and beautiful, and worthy of tucking away in a special place and not immediately hitting the recycle bin (gasp!). And if CMP favorite Minted had been around in the early 2000s when I was having these kids, I’m sure I would’ve been all over their brand new, indie-design birth announcements. Gorgeous!

Baby announcements featuring new Minted card shapes

With its eight new shapes (yes, shapes), Minted now offers numerous options for its birth announcements. In other words, good luck to you new parents, because in addition to settling on a design, you get to select the card shape, too. Better make another pot of coffee.
For instance, with Fine and Dandy Paperie’ Bold Baby Birth Announcement, you can stick with the basic rectangle, go all Steve Jobs and round out the edges (shown below), or try the wavy-edges for something totally new. Minted makes it simple to preview each option, and you’ll find that some shapes work better for some designs more than others.
Fine and Dandy Bold Baby birth announcement | Minted
Griffinbell Studio baby announcement | Minted
Paper Dahlia baby announcement | Minted
Kelli Hall birth announcement | Minted
I love the “hanging tag” shape, which would be perfect to send around the holidays–you may find your cute baby hanging from all of your friends’ Christmas trees. And the more subtle wavy shapes lend a softness that complements the more traditional-pretty designs very nicely.
There is one tiny hole-punched, dotted-scallop shape that’s a wee bit too fussy for my taste. Plus the obsessive in me found a couple of teeny tiny dots that weren’t punched out fully, so I’d stick with any of the other gorgeous designs.
Keep in mind that the special shapes are only available on flat cards, so if you have your heart set on a folded card, you’ll need to stick with the standard shapes. Don’t worry, it’ll still be beautiful, special and one-of-a-kind–all those wonderful things your baby will be, too. –Christina

Check out Minted’s new shape birth announcements which are offered for many of their designs.

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