Home by Novogratz bookA few months back, I had the pleasure of meeting TV’s increasingly notorious design mavens, the Novogratz family, and drooling over their unbelievable Manhattan apartment firsthand. While I keep inviting them to break into my home and have their way with it when I’m away, they have yet to take me up on it. (Odd, right?) So for me–and the rest of us–it’s great to get a peek at their new design book.

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Home by Novogratz
takes Courtney and Robert’s “there are no rules” style of eclectic
decorating made famous on their HGTV show, and brings it to life in more
than 300 glossy, beautifully photographed pages of inspiration.
Inspiration and…weeping; I’d say it depends on whether your living room
looks like mine right now.

The 20 chapters each present case studies of their favorite decorating projects, from a last-minute baby nursery, to Ree Drummond‘s
attic-to-children’s room conversion at her Oklahoma ranch, to Tony
Hawk’s ski condo. (Whoa.) It all comes to life beautifully with lots of
gorgeous photos peppered with advice; budget charts for various
projects; a comprehensive shopping guide; and expert tips from celebs
like Mario Batali on kitchens or style tips from respected store owners or vintage collectors.

Home by Novogratz | Staircase

What I found really helpful, and even surprising, are how many useful tips and bits of inspiration there are for anyone on any
budget. Like adding surprising pops of color (blue bar stools!) in a
kitchen to bring it to life. Paying special attention to the staircase
in a home since it’s such a centerpiece. Placing a TV on a vintage
dresser to balance out the old and new–I’m personally all over that one. Or
arranging books by color, which I thought was absurd, until I tried it
last year and realized how great it looks. 

Home by Novogratz | Kitchen

You’ll also learn how to build a lamp with LEGO bricks (really) for a kids room, and find other good DIY tips and money-savers.

In other words, you don’t have to be Tony Hawk spending tens of thousands of dollars to make your place look amazing.

DIY LEGO lamp by Novogratz

the way, my favorite tip of all did not escape me: “Try to shop locally–keep mom-and-pop shops alive.” You know that’s where our heart is
too. Boy, I love this book.  –Liz

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