DIY birch dollhouse | Ferm Living
I have a dollhouse-obsessed five year old…and I’m not complaining a bit. I love the fun creative play and imagination it inspires. (Currently, the little girl who resides in the dollhouse is named “Frodo.”) If you’re more interested in the idea of play than the idea of packing it full of expensive collectible furniture, this dollhouse kit might be for you–including some amazing free downloads (yes, free!) to help make it your own.

The birch plywood dollhouse at Ferm Living is right up my alley–simple and unadorned. Plus for those of you with space issues, you can mount it to a wall, since the back is flat (way cooler than a flat-screen TV, if you ask me).
Sure, it’s definitely pricey (it comes from Denmark and is priced in Euros). I’d imagine you real hardcore DIY-ers could make a similar one. But what’s extra cool is the step-by-step guide to decorating it with wallpaper downloads.
I love this idea: free wallpaper designs are available as PDF, so if you print them on high-quality paper, you’ve got yourself a funky dollhouse that I think is way prettier than any faux purple windows and pink shutters stamped on plastic.
Starting to think about a cool holiday gift for any girls in your life? It might be this dollhouse.
Or it might just be the time you spend with them making it look just as beautiful as they envision it it will be. –Liz
Find the Birch dollhouse at Ferm or at toy stores all around the US. Find the free dollhouse wallpaper downloads here.

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