Method Ocean Plastic soap bottle
Every square mile of our oceans has an average of 46,000 pieces of
plastic swirling around there. It’s killing nearly one million sea birds a
year that swallow it, and another 100,000 turtles, dolphins, whales and

I don’t know how to say it any other way, but that’s disgusting.

So I’m so delighted to see that none other than Method is doing something good about it.

For more than a year, Method has worked with volunteers from Hawaiian
environmental groups to scour local beaches and collect (by hand, no
less) more than a ton of plastic. With help from Envision, they’ve
turned this into packaging for their new Method Ocean Plastic Soap Bottle, which does a whole lot of good.

Not only are they cleaning the beaches and recycling ocean plastic that was just tossed, they’re donating a part of the sales price back to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and the Kokua Hawaii Foundation so they can keep up the good work.

a 2-in-1 soap for dishes or hands, but I happen to prefer it for handwashing. Either way, the bottle looks super cool–very sea urchin–and
the soap smells delicious, whether you get Sea Minerals or classic
fragrance Sweet Water.

I loved using the story to teach my kids a
little more about recycling and taking care of the earth. Besides, it
makes them about 10% more excited to wash their hands. I’ll take it. –Liz

Find the Method Ocean Plastic Soap Bottle exclusively at the Method site or at Whole Foods around the country. Also, check out the videos about ocean plastic and the manufacturing process. It will make you glad Method is doing something about it.


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