DIY cardboard kids' toys: mailbox
When I was a kid, my father ran a factory and on the rare special evening he would come home with big cardboard boxes for my sister and I to play with. I have memories of late nights setting up giant playhouses in the basement where we spent hours cutting, decorating, coloring and making it all our own. I had kind of forgotten about that feeling until I was introduced to Metamorphic Toys.

Metamorphic Toys is
a green toy company that provides kids
creative freedom by enabling their imaginations through design.

We’ve featured cardboard DIY toys before, like this cardboard playtown, an awesome cardboard robot, and even big cardboard playhouses shaped like pirate ships or treehouses. These art kits are along the same lines–all-in-one cardboard craft kits that inspire imagination.

The strongest of the bunch is definitely the DIY cardboard mailbox. The clean cardboard base makes it easy to go as
simple or crazy as you like–use crayons, markers, paint, glue,
glitter, pom-pom balls, you name it. Metamorphic even offers their own stickers that can be
colored and added to the kit. Plus I love that every piece is made from recylable and biodegradable materials, and made in the USA. 

Need a little inspiration for your design? Just take a gander through the gallery on
their website to see what some kids have come up with–it’s amazing to
see how such vastly different ideas can come out of the same basic

This is a perfect gift for grade school-aged kids who will really focus
on it as a grander project and put the time and thought into making it
as cool as it can be. And I wouldn’t be surprised if once the piece
is completed, it becomes a permanent addition to your child’s room or

I personally love the idea of keeping the mailbox around to
leave love notes and reminders for each other throughout the week. Sniff. – Stephanie M

Find out more about Metamorphic Toys and see more of their crafty selections over at and let those imaginations run wild!

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