Retro rock tees for kids | Wolfgang's Vault
Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m probably the least cool parent there is when it comes to music. I did have a brief David Bowie-loving phase, but other than that hip hiccup, my tastes tend more towards maudlin musical theater and 1970s story songs. Which is why I was delighted to find these uber-hip-retro-rock tees for kids–my children won’t suffer the music dork label I’ve carried my entire life.

The 60s concert t-shirts from Wolfgang’s Vault carry an amazing pedigree. In the heyday of the rock concert, Bill Graham commissioned incredible works of promotional art, and lucky for us, he preserved quite a bit of the surplus. From Graham’s archives come poster art, vintage concert tickets, books and recently, apparel for kids and infants.

Imagine how awesome your kid will look with Chuck Berry or Cream emblazoned across his or her chest instead of some of the more typical rock shirts we see everywhere. I can finally throw away all my Manilow t-shirts. Ha, just kidding, Fanilows. Shari

Find retro rock concert t-shirts for kids, plus a whole lot more, at Wolfgang’s Vault.

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