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There are those of us moms who swear we’ll get our holiday cards together in plenty of time this year, not have to race for a subpar photo, and not have to call them “New Year’s Cards”–and then…well, people who aren’t me. This year I’m vowing to start now. As in now. And the new collection from Minted gives me a good reason to actually do it.

I’m so happy that this wonderful company is back as a sponsor, especially because we love their support of indie designers and their commitment to really gorgeous typography and design. And this year…whoa. They’ve got new die-cut shapes for the holidays (just like their new birth announcements) that will really look special on the mantel or stuck to the fridge. On top of all the other cards. Of course.

Here are just 7 of my own favorites, although I’m sure you’ll have your own.

christmas card | minted

The Peace Love Joy Card is so wonderfully iconic with the little icons representing some of the happiest symbols of Christmas. It is so my style! You can specify one of eight different die-cut shapes but I think a simple one like this looks amazing. Besides, sometimes it’s nice to send a non-photo card and just enclose your own snapshot in the envelope.
(designer: chocomocacino, bali)

christmas photo card | minted
I totally love all the gift tag shaped cards–in fact Minted has more than 100, like the Joy holiday card (at very top) in your choice of three bold colors, or the Peace/Love/Joy Branches design (above) which is perfect if you’ve got a photo with a lot of clean space at bottom for some pretty typography. You can even string a ribbon or piece of satin cord through the hole at top so it’s ready for hanging.
(designer: snow and ivy, detroit; althea and ruth, seattle)
partridge in a pear tree holiday card | minted

The Partridge in a Pear Tree card is such a pretty, modern take on the old carol lyrics. I’m a sucker for amazing typography and this one is just lovely.
(designer: griffinbell studios, encitas, ca)

custom holiday photo card | minted

If you have the absolute perfect photo lined up and ready to go, you don’t need to mess with a lot of design. Just an elegant typeface and the right saying, as with this Magical Holiday Photo Card.
(designer: susan, colfax, wi)

new year's card | minted

Okay, so maybe you’ll end up with “New Year’s Cards” after all. It doesn’t have to look last minute at all. The Holiday Wishes card helps you hedge your bets, but still allows you to customize your family name at the bottom for a personal touch that doesn’t look last minute at all.
(designer: chica design, atlanta)

By the way, with Minted, you’re not just customizing the shape and photo of the cards; what I’ve always loved about them is how you can print on the back or inside, specify all kinds of gorgeous paper thicknesses and styles, and add a gorgeous liner and label so the envelope yells “open me now!”

After all, if you got your cards out in time, isn’t some prompt attention the least you deserve for your efforts? –Liz

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