Cancer-fighting meals

When my mom had cancer, one of the things that truly lifted her spirits (and ours) was when friends would drop off home-cooked meals. Beyond the comfort in knowing that people cared, the meals themselves were warm, delicious, and time-saving. Lifesaving, really.

And that’s why I’m so happy to share this wonderful that we found, which makes a fabulous gift for friends and family battling cancer–both for the holidays and year-round.

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Meals to Heal really couldn’t be simpler: patients (or their caregivers) sign up for a private account and fill out a profile with type and stage of cancer, dietary requirements, preferences, side effects, caregiver name, and other medical conditions. The site comes up with meal recommendations, you place your order and–done! Fresh meals made with all-natural meals, poultry, fish, and dairy, and fresh fruits and veggies that are filled with cancer-fighting components, delivered to your door.

Healthy meals for cancer patients | Meals to Heal

Meals to Heal will even set you up with an oncology dietitian or physician in your area for extra assistance, if you want. And the plans are flexible, so that you can opt for just one delivered entree a day, or get every snack and meal covered every day of the week.

There’s so much that cancer patients (and their families) have to deal with. It’s pretty cool that Meals to Heal offers a way to take “eat nutritious meals” right off the to-do list–especially during a season as hectic as this. Lexi

Head to Meals to Heal and sign up for nourishing entrees and snacks to be delivered to a cancer patient. Special offer for CMP readers: get $25 off your order through the holidays with the code BLOGGIFT.