I get it–you’re busy. We all are. Sometimes the people we love most in the world are the hardest to shop for so we put it off; or sometimes they just get relegated to the “last minute gift list” after all the earlier deadlines with teachers and coaches and sitters.

If you’ve got a few moments this weekend, a truly special gift doesn’t have to require a ton of craftiness or even a ton of money. Rag & Bone Bindery, makers of some of my favorite ever journals, photo albums, and baby books, has taken care of both.

I am such a fan of the 12 ways you made a difference journal. If you don’t have time to order it online, these beautiful handbound books can be found in nicer stationery stores, like Kate’s Paperie or even at your closest Barnes + Noble.

Inside the gorgeous cloth cover are simple prompts like The best advice you ever gave me… or Our favorite day together… plus there’s room for photos you can print out. Or even pop in illustrations from the kids if it’s a grandparent gift.

12 ways journal from rag and bone

rag and bone journals

rag and bone journals

I’d imagine it’s the kind of thing you could sort of put together yourself if you do happen to be crafty and have a good chunk of free time. But considering the Rag & Bone version is under $25 and already looks gorgeous, my plan would be to get my hands on one, then spend more of my time thinking of lovely things to write in it. –Liz

Find the 12 ways you’ve made a difference journal online at Rag & Bone Bindery, or find it in stores like Barnes + Noble or your local boutique stationery store.