Okay, so we moms of girls try to play it down, but we admit it can be pretty darn fun shopping for them. On the other hand, it can get a little harder as they get older and the designers want our kids to grow up faster than we’d like. So kudos to these brands which really made us happy this year.


Inspiring women tees for girls by Okllo
In the sea of blinged out, sequined covered girls’ clothes out there, I was thrilled to find these awesome inspiring shirts for girls featuring historical female heroes. We need more shirts like this. Hear that, designers?

Best girls' clothes of 2012: Zara online

Zara kids online
It was a big thrill when Zara started selling their great children’s collection online this year, and wow, their girls’ clothes did not disappoint. I’m in love with their trendy, very affordable styles that hold up surprisingly well. They run a wee bit big but once you get your sizes figured out it will be your new go-to shop, too.

Best girls' clothes of 2012: Toms glitter shoes for girls

Toms Glitter Shoes
Is there a girl who didn’t see the new Toms Glitter Shoes and beg for them? Probably not. Enough said.


Best girls' clothes of 2012: Skylar Luna organic pajamas

Skylar Luna
The adorable kids’ pajamas from Skylar Luna are just wonderful, especially if you’re a fan of putting your child to bed in soft organic cotton. These are definitely meant to hold up through multiple kids, so while it’s a little investment, I’m finding it worth it so far. The only hard part is getting my kids to take them off and get ready for school.

Best girls' clothes of 2012: Tea Collection kimono dress

Tea Collection Nordic girls’ collection
I always love Tea Collection, but this year’s Nordic-inspired designs were easily my favorite to date. Clearly I’m not alone because most of them went like hotcakes; but if you’re quick, you can still get some of it on sale. The best part is that you’ll get a ton of wear out of pieces like the three-season cotton kimono-style dress (above) which become smart tunics over jeans and leggings as your kids get older.

Best girls' clothes of 2012: Luna Leggings

Luna Leggings
(no relation to Skylar Luna) are such a fun addition to your girl’s wardrobe–all the crazy colors and styling that girls love, and no wonder–they were inspired by the drawings of a little girl then brought to life in a small, family-run knitting factory.

Best girls' clothes of 2012: One Sunday clothes for tween girls

One Sunday
I think I speak for a lot of parents when I say thank you, One Sunday, from moms everywhere, for making tween clothes that are fun, stylish, on-trend, and don’t turn our little girls into adults. In other words, no belly shirts, no micro-minis, no “future diva” spelled out in rhinestones. Great sales too.

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