We food bloggers are a prolific crop. Here, I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite nine (and, yes, I’ve shamelessly included myself), and I’ve asked them to all share a favorite recipe that they posted this year. Some of them are moms, some not, but regardless, all of them make fresh, laid-back food that I’d be happy to serve at my family table. And you will, too.

Enjoy these nine best recipes from nine of my favorite food bloggers of 2012. Oh, they are delectable. -Stacie

Best recipes: Gluten-free Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookies

Is it wrong to start with sweets? I dare you to look at that¬†Snickerdoodle Cookie Sandwich with Hazelnut Cream¬†(above) and tell me that it is. And here’s the happy kicker: these amazing cookies from Silvana’s Kitchen are gluten- and dairy-free. Crazy, right? Silvana has an insane talent for making gluten-free eating easy and delicious, and this cookie is no exception. Although you should be able to substitute regular flour and butter with no problem, if you’d like.


Best recipes of 2012: Citrus Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

Was 2012 the Year of the Sandwich Cookie? Winnie from Healthy Green Kitchen offers up Citrus Shortbread Sandwiches filled with Mixed Citrus Curd, which are perfect for winter when citrus is at its peak. The recipes for both the shortbread and the curd are straightforward (and so worth it!), but use a high-quality, store-bought curd or eat the shortbread plain if you need to simplify.


Best recipes of 2012: Roasted Strawberry Coconut Popsicles

While we’re talking sweets, let’s discuss these¬†Strawberry and Coconut Milk Popsicles¬†from The Year in Food. The conversation goes something like this:¬†Shut up! No way! Too good! I’m addicted!¬†This is super simple, seasonal food at its best; a perfect introduction to Kimberly’s recipes. And though these will certainly be best in summer–cover your eyes Kimberly–you don’t have to wait for strawberry season. Frozen berries will roast up beautifully, too. You’ll just have to adjust the cooking time.


Best recipes of 2012: Easy Roast Chicken

We have made no secret of how much we love Catherine McCord of¬†Weelicious. Her relaxed, kid-friendly meals are healthy and come together in a snap–perfect for us cool moms. This¬†Easy Roast Chicken with Caramelized Onions, Cherry Tomatoes and Olives¬†is a shining example of why we’re such fans of hers. It takes only 5 minutes to prep, 35 minutes to cook and is packed with flavor from fresh thyme and earthy black olives.


Best recipes of 2012: Potato Celery Root Skillet Cake

Alana of Eating From the Ground Up, is the author of The Homemade Pantry, one of my favorite cookbooks of the year. Making pantry staples from scratch may sound far-fetched, but Alana is a realist and a mom. She makes thoughtful decisions about what can easily be made at home to eat healthier and save some bucks. This¬†Potato Celery Root Skillet Cake¬†is a great example of how she takes healthy, in-season ingredients and turns them into staple recipes that anyone can make. I say that you put Catherine’s roast chicken in the oven, make this as a side, and call dinner done.


Best recipes of 2012: Potlikker Soup with Ham Hock & Egg Noodles
Elizabeth of the blog Brooklyn Supper came up with this recipe while on a quest to eat more greens–a goal we can all get behind, don’t you think? When it means a hearty soup made with the same liquid used to cook the greens, I’m sold. Other than cooking the egg noodles, this¬†Potlikker Soup with Ham Hock and Egg Noodles¬†is a one pot meal. Let’s call it New Year’s resolution inspiration in a bowl.

Best recipes of 2012: Dash and Bella Salad Dressing

Often we food bloggers are obsessed with food and recipes, but are too busy developing (and plating and photographing and writing about) our own to regularly visit other food sites. One of the exceptions for me is the blog Dash and Bella. I look forward to every post, each one poignant and paired with a gorgeous photo and perfect recipe. Phyllis worked in pastry at Bouley, Nobu and other fancy places. (She’s no joke, mamas.) She also doesn’t believe in “kids’ food” and curses a lot. I love her–and her “crackalicious”¬†salad dressing recipe. She makes one batch a week and has been nearly held hostage by her mother-in-law for her own batch. Addictive.


Best recipes of 2012: Dark Chocolate Beet Bundt Cake

Aimee is pretty much a culinaray hero. She maintains her own blog,¬†Under the Highchair, is the editor of Simple Bites, homesteads (she¬†homesteads!), and is, as far as I can tell, a supermom to three gorgeous little kids. All of which mean she has a deep understanding of both food and family life. The combination of her non-judgmental tone and approachable recipes will make you feel like you, too, can raise chickens in the backyard…or at least make her brand of delicious, healthy food. Start with this¬†Unprocessed Dark Chocolate Beet Bundt Cake¬†and you’ll be as sweet on her as I am.

Indian Spiced Meatballs
Choosing one favorite recipe that you’ve developed from an entire year is very difficult. (Even more difficult is to keep from posting about the recipe over and over. (Seriously, guys, make this. I’m not joking. This is the 15th time I’ve made this in one week.) I was struggling to choose between three recipes when my hungry boys chimed in. It was unanimous:¬†Indian Spiced Meatballs which it turns out is a favorite of mine too. Meatballs get all the glory and for good reason, I suppose. They are easy, delicious and good for the whole family, even wee little ones.

For more of our favorite recipes from around the web, search our archives. And enjoy!