If you are one of those crazy cupcake baking parents (you know who you are. Own it! Wear it proudly!) then you probably have your secret sources for everything decorative. Here’s one more to add to your list.

Valentine's Day cupcake wrappers | Dress My Cupcake

Dress My Cupcake
has everything you need to making your cupcakes more impressive than
everyone else’s cupcakes. Not that it’s a contest. But it totally is.
You’ll find hearts, chevrons (but of course!), florals and even reusable
glitter cupcake wrappers calling your name.

There’s also a small section of cupcake accessories, including cake pop sticks, matching wooden cutlery and individual domes should you be sending them home as party favors. You might also find the individual dessert party kits helpful, to keep you focused on baking and not making paper pompoms.

Cupcake dessert kits | Dress My Cupcake

of these beautifully printed, sturdy wraps are about $7.99 (also packs
of 36 for $29.99) so it’s not dollar-store bargains, but it’s not
dollar-store quality either.  All that’s missing is the perfect cupcake recipe.
And that icing piped high over the top. For the kids. I mean, we adults
know it’s all about the cake. –Liz

Dress your Valentine’s Day cupcakes to the nines at Dress My Cupcake.