This seems to be the month for tracking down cool, eco-friendly reusable party supplies and this gorgeous new find from an artist I’ve admired for ages is no exception.

colorful garland from frazier and wing

I am just so taken with everything at Frazier and Wing, from mobiles to original decor incorporating tree branches; and their new reusable paper garlands are no exception.

Stunningly crafted from gorgeous papers with the eyes and skills of an artist, not a crafter, they make the most lovely nursery decor when you need a pop of texture or color–or of course bring it out for your parties and special events any time.

green paper garland from frazier and wing

reusable paper garland from frazier and wing

handmade paper garland from frazier and wing

Pick something like green if you’re gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day or a spring equinox celebration (me! me!), or go with a bright festive color that works for any ocassion. For $35 I thnk it’s a wonderful price for something you’ll love as much as any art hanging on the wall. And unlike that little bunny poster from your shower, you’re not soon to outgrow it. –Liz

Find beautiful handcrafted paper decor and more at Frazier and Wing


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