Square sticky notes are so boring. It’s much more fun to use these oh-so-familiar shapes, humming Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy as you write out a reminder to take out the garbage.

Block Notes at Cool Mom Picks!

Did you know that the blocks used in Tetris are called Tetriminoes? It’s true. The entire time you were trying to fit the S and Z ones together, your brain was learning to think more efficiently. We can’t promise that will happen just by using the Tetrimino-shaped Block Notes from Suck UK, but you can definitely have fun arranging them at your own speed.

Block Notes are currently on sale at Fab.com for $20 for a 2-pack, which is 16 total note pads. If you’re not currently a member of Fab, you can use our invite link here. If you don’t mind paying a little more, you can also find them on the Suck UK website, but you’ll be paying in pounds and covering overseas shipping.

Not only are the notes fun for adults who remember zoning out on the Gameboy and waiting to see fireworks over the Kremlin, but I know my kids would get a big kick out of fitting the colorful shapes together all over the house. My husband would not be so enthused to find adorable notes on his forehead reminding him about mowing the lawn. –Delilah

Block Notes from Suck UK on Cool Mom Picks!

Find Block Notes sticky notes on Fab.com today using our invite link, or find them at the Suck UK site anytime.

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