When spring hits around my house, that means time to clean and kick the clutter, which isn’t such an easy task when you’ve got four kids running around.

As much as I’d love to scrub the baseboards and wash all the windows, that’s probably not going to happen. But I can tackle my basic spring cleaning checklist I’m sharing here, that will still give us a fresh organizational start to the new season.

Get organized with Cool Mom Picks

1. Organize those toys: Go through toys and books, or better yet, have older children go through themselves and sort them out into keep, donate/sell, and trash piles.

Jenna Rose Bins on Cool Mom Picks

Baskets or bins, like the gorgeous Jenna Rose storage bins pictured above, are a great, stylish way to keep stuff in sight and easy to find (and put away too) while looking tidy and organized on shelves. And don’t forget about bathtub toy storage too–those toys can take over your bathroom if you’re not careful.

There are also really specific items we love finding for really specific family needs, like the P’Kolino Chalkboard Bookshelf (at top) or the Swoop Bag made just for taming LEGO’s.

2. Clean out the closets: Since the weather is starting to change, it’s an ideal time to sort through clothing too. Like your toys and books, create keep, donate/sell, repair, and trash piles–at leat for those socks with heel-sized holes and outgrown underwear.

Drawer Labels on Cool Mom Picks

Services like thredUP or SwapMamas are a smart way to pass along gently worn items and receive what you need in return. And we love these drawer labels to help kids know where to put the clothes away when you decide to actually keep them. It’s always helpful when kids can start keeping themselves organized! (One less thing for us to do, right?)

3. Do something with the kids’ art: If your house is like ours, your fridge is covered with kids’ artwork before they are placed in the special storage bin (aka: THE TRASH).

Kids' Art Storage Ideas on Cool Mom Picks

Instead of tossing them (or worse, saving all of them), we’ve got some great suggestions for how to display your kids’ artwork. And, yes, there are even fantastic apps for storing kids’ artwork to help you keep up with all of it.

4. Start a chore system: There’s no time like the present to start getting kids more involved in cleaning. Creating a chore system can be pretty simple, especially when you have the right tools.

Olligraphic Kids' Chore Chart on Cool Mom Picks

We love the personalized chore charts from Olligraphic, which can be printed and filled in by you (or laminated if you want to use a dry-erase marker). The eeboo Chore Chart is also a choice that kids love, because they get to spin dials themselves when they complete a task. Or if you prefer something a little more high-tech, try a chore chart app on your tablet or smart phone which work for a lot of families.

5. Refresh your cleaning supplies: While we don’t exactly have scientific proof of this theory, we’ve found that if we love the products we’re using–and we have specific ones for each task–we’re much more likely to actually clean with them on a regular basis. Perfect example: Mrs. Myer’s Lavender Dish Soap, and pretty much anything from Method, like the Orla Kiley collection for method which is so pretty to look at–and smell.

iGozen natural household cleaner on Cool Mom Picks

You’ll in fact find all sorts of fabulous, safe household cleaning products on our site, from natural sponges to toy disinfectant (genius!), all of which are perfect for pregnant moms, or homes with little ones, whether they’ve got allergies or not.

6. Put technology to work: Even with the whole family pitching in on the spring cleaning effort, it can still be an overwhelming task. So why not get a little extra help and treat yourself to a new cleaning machine?

Neato Vacuum Cleaner on Cool Mom Picks

Whether it’s a Neato Robotic Vacuum or a Scooba iRobot for your floors, sometimes a new, fun tool can have everybody clamoring to use it! –Julie + Kristen

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