Let’s say you’ve got a die-hard city loving mama to shop for, and price is basically no object. We’ve found the most fun little baby gifts for urban babies used to things like taxis, park benches and black in the summer.

The city baby gifts range from cute stuffed yellow taxis and a black Town Car limo (in the rain, in a pinch, right?) to the more whimsical King Kong on the Empire State Building. (I think the damsel is more Naomi Watts than Jessica Lang though.) And hey, if you’re a super insider? Get that giantĀ play mustacheĀ for the kid who just moved to Williamsburg.

There’s also my favorite, a regular old NYC pigeon. Or as we like to call them ’round these parts, flying rats.

NYC toys for babies | Cool Mom Picks

King Kong and Empire State building toy | Cool Mom Picks

They’re all handmade, and fair trade, which means they are not cheap at all. So if not for babies, they still make fun gifts for your favorite out-of-town ex-NYC friend maybe. Although when you think of it, $82 for a Brooklyn brownstone? Not bad! You could probably double your return if you hold it and flip it in about 5 years.

Now let’s all hope that our kids grow up never ever seeing Gossip Girl reruns until they’re at least 35. Amen. –Liz

Find the fair-tradeĀ NYC baby toys and pillows online at Oeuf.