Though I’ve always been a cloth-diaperer at heart, I use my share of disposables, too. So when CMP fave The Honest Company launched last year, I was so very jealous of the gorgeous diaper prints available because I can’t get them up in Canada.

And now there are 3 new patterns to fill me with envy, and not just for their cuteness. 

honest company hippos on cool mom picks

The three new Honest Baby diapers that fill me with cross-border envy include a pink strawberry print that’s adorable for spring even without a diaper cover; an awesome comic book print that will have every little adventurer kapow-ing post-diaper-change, and a sweet hippo print that brings a smile to my face for the good it does for animal babies too.

honest company strawberry on cool mom picks

With the first thousand sales of their hippo print diapers , Honest will send out a symbolic certificate of hippo adoption to customers as part of their effort to donate $10,000 to World Wildlife Fund, to support conservation efforts to protect hippos and other endangered animal. Pretty cool, wouldn’t you say?

And I’ll bet diapered Sandra Boyton fans all over the country will rejoice, but the biggest fan will definitely be the hippopotamus! –Stephanie S.

Adopt a hippo of your very own (symbolically) by purchasing a package of the adorable hippo diapers at The Honest Company. While you’re there, check out all their awesome cleaning products, too.

Note: they don’t ship to Canada–come on, Honest, we Canucks want clean products for our families, too!



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