Discovering Melissa Zook jewelry last year was the best thing to happen to my wrist since…I don’t know. Something else good that happened to my wrist. I immediately splurged on one of this Brooklyn artist’s black leather cuff bangles and not only have I worn it nearly daily ever since, the compliments don’t stop coming.

Melissa Zook leather cuff | Cool Mom Picks

Now there’s some new items in the shop I am wanting big time. First off, her leather cuff bracelets now come in colors that are so great for the warmer weather when more black goes back in the closet. Use the light grey as a go-with-everything neutral, or get fun with the seafoam green or the lighter lilac.

Melissa Zook leather cuff colors | Cool Mom Picks

I also love the more ornate twist she’s given them in the Victorian ruffle cuff. Now that is a serious statement piece, whether in the earthy brown/gold or the much coveted mint color, with gold undertones. It’s definitely more of a splurge, but I love having some jewelry that isn’t made of metal, so I’m not overdoing it if I’ve got flashy earrings or rings on too.

Melissa Zook Victorian ruffle cuff | Cool Mom Picks

These are the kind of pieces that wear well, and only get cooler and comfier the more you wear them. I have many many hours of experience to back that up. –Liz

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