Putting together a nursery or little kid’s room can be a challenge if you’re going for a certain retro-mod Scandinavian rainbow look. I mean, there is nothing out there that fits that exact description. Or wait, maybe there is.

byGraziela kids' decor as seen on Cool Mom Picks

byGraziela kids' towel | Cool Mom Picks


The relaunch of colorful, childlike 70s era German designs from byGraziela designs celebrates every single color in the crayon box, and channels it into kids’ bedding, kids pajamas, German-made dishware, hooded towels, toys and home decor so happy you want to smile. At pots. You’ll be smiling at pots.

byGraziela kids' dishware | Cool Mom Picks

byGraziela doll | Cool Mom Picks

byGraziela kids' pajamas | Cool Mom Picks

If you’re the crafty kind, there are even fabrics featuring the same cheerful prints so you can make matching curtains, pillows, stuffed animals, or, even vintage kerchiefs for those sunny afternoon play dates. So very adorably Von Trapp of you. –Pilar

See the entire collection of byGraziela designs for kids at their webshop.

[via babyccino kids]

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