NASA recently announced a 3D printer concept that could potentially cure world hunger. We’re not there yet, but here’s a cool way to use 3D printers to make food more fun. And more geeky. Introducing Tyrion Lannister, the cookie.

Tyrion Game of Thrones cookie cutter at Cool Mom Picks

WarpZone Prints is an ever-evolving Etsy shop by a geeky mom of two, producing one-of-a-kind cookie cutter designs to showcase your favorite geeky and otherwise fun pop culture references, including Doctor Who, My Neighbor Totoro, My Little Pony, Mario Brothers, Monty Python, and many other fandoms. 

You won’t want to miss the chance to eat your favorite characters considering the results from the 3-D printed cutters are some of the most intricate cookies we’ve ever seen. 

Weeping Angel Cookie Cutter at Cool Mom Picks

GoT House Sigil cookies at Cool Mom Picks

10th Doctor Cookie Cutter at Cool Mom Picks

Totoro Cookie Cutters at Cool Mom Picks

The shop currently has a backlog of up to 20 days; not surprisingly, they’re working fast. You can even request certain colors for your plastic, but it might cost more and take longer. Really, it’s all about the end result anyway:  Sherlock and Watson! Monster High! Stephen Colbert! Anime! Archer! Harry Potter!

If it’s geeky, you can probably bake it and eat its face. Delilah

Find geeky cookie cutters printed on a 3D printer at WarpZone Prints.