July 4 memories from parent bloggers on Cool Mom Picks

Our kids are easily the most photographed generation ever. While we have to settle for maybe a few old snapshots to help recall our summer holidays–like the ones our favorite parent bloggers are sharing below– our children will have so many photos to jar those memories of fireworks and sand castles. Especially with the help of the photo and memory sharing app from our partner, Origami.

Seriously, this app is awesome. Particularly if you have relatives not yet on the smartphone bandwagon or you’re all on totally different operating systems.

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In the spirit of sharing, we asked some of the top parent bloggers (and probably yours too), to share their best 4th of July memory, inspiring us to make more of our own.

Anna Fader on Cool Mom Picks

Anna Fader, MommyPoppins.com

My favorite July 4th memory for sure has to be the Bi-Centennial Celebration in NYC in 1976. I remember that we all went down to the river and picnicked and waited for hours. Finally the fireworks came on and the way I remember it, it was completely magical. I recall a finale that actually had a fireworks American flag and a bust of George Washington, but I assume that didn’t happen because if they could do that wouldn’t they do that all the time? So the whole memory lives in this quasi-kid fantasy state.

Kelly Wickham on Cool Mom Picks

Kelly Wickham, MochaMomma.com

The first Fourth of July that I can remember was easily replicated year after year in Chicago where we went down to Lake Michigan and spread out blankets and brought fried chicken (cold, which is the best way to eat it) and got to ride our bikes along the shore. Chicago fireworks are the best and I remember feeling that BOOM! BOOM! in my chest when they went off. The louder, the better.

Rachel Faucett on Cool Mom Picks

Rachel Faucett, HandmadeCharlotte.com

My super rad husband put together a massive fireworks display a few years back. He assembled a small team to bring the whole thing together. When the last spark flew the crew came walking up the hill like they were in some crazy war movie – it was awesome!



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Christine Koh on Cool Mom Picks

Christine Koh, BostonMamas.com
[photo: Adam De Tour]

I grew up in Boston and one Fourth of July, despite a very long day and a million other things to do, my mom packed a couple of us in the car and said, “Let’s go see the fireworks in Boston!” She is the master of fortuitous parking and somehow managed to find a spot to pull over on Storrow Drive; the fireworks were spectacular. One recent July 4th, Laurel heard fireworks booming somewhere close by. I was dead tired but thought of that wonderful night with my mom; we dashed into the night to catch the neighborhood display; it was smaller in scale but similarly spectacular.

Heather Gibbs Flett on Cool Mom Picks

Heather Gibbs Flett, RookieMoms.com

My best July 4th memory: Getting married the day before and sneaking off for a quiet mini-moon overnight to Napa and hanging out at the county fair watching fireworks on the lawn.



Beth Blecherman on Cool Mom PicksBeth Blecherman, TechMamas.com

July 4th really came to life when I became a parent and had the chance to pick our favorite thing to do as a family. We decided that we wanted to spend July 4th at our favorite beach area each year, so that memories for my kids would be beach, barbeque, family, friends and of course fireworks. For some reason, our boys always get along best at the beach. (Something about that ocean air!) Even if they do want to wrestle, sand seems to be boy-wrestling-friendly so they are always safe.



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