For years now, Oeuf has been known for its beautiful, modern nursery furniture that’s meant to last. I’m personally a huge fan of their Perch Bunk Bed (visit us sometime and see it in action) still could use the Oeuf Toy Store to wrangle the 8 zillion little toy pieces we have all over the place. Now, they have a brand new crib that is simply awesome. And not a zillion dollars either.

While the new Oeuf Elephant Crib is not an IKEA $199 special, it’s not a mortgage payment either. Especially because the key aspect of the design is that you can put it together in under ten minutes. By yourself. As in, no paying people to do it for you.

Oeuf Elephant crib in grey | Cool Mom Picks

Created in part with Spanish designer Carlos Tiscar, it’s sustainably made in Europe with all non-toxic finishes and materials, which is at the top of the list for me when shopping for a crib. I love both the white and the pretty gray. And now that you can’t buy new drop-rail cribs in the US (something that still bugs me), it’s nice that it’s low so you can get easy access to the baby who wants to be picked up/put down four thousand times a day.

Hint: Work on your core and lower back. You’ll need it.

Oeuf Elephant crib and toddler bed | Cool Mom Picks

Also great to know is that it converts to a toddler bed, which seems like a long way off to you new mamas. But trust me, that day will be here before you know it. Sniff. –Liz

You can buy the new Oeuf Elephant Crib through the Cool Mom Picks collection at Luvocracy (and become a curator yourself!), or learn more at the Oeuf website. For Oeuf’s most affordable line check out the Robin cribs collection.