And here I get all excited when my six-year-old puts together a LEGO Lord of the Rings set and only asks for my help twice.

Recently opened, artist Nathan Sawaya’s solo show Art of the Brick features unbelievable creations all created out of LEGOS. If you happen to be a New Yorker or just visiting my fair city any time through the fall, this looks like one to take the kids to for sure.

LEGO Nathan Sawaya Winged Victory | Cool Mom Picks


Art of the Brick LEGO skulls | Cool Mom Picks

Nathan Sawaya LEGO sculptures | Cool Mom Picks

LEGO portraits by Nathan Sawaya | Cool Mom Picks

They may not get the references to the Winged Victory, Girl with the Pearl Earring, or Edvard Munch’s Scream, but I’m sure their minds will be blown looking at what can be done with those little plastic bricks that Mommy and Daddy always scream about when they step on one. The Mona Lisa alone is made from 4,573 bricks, so I can only imagine the number of the full sculptures.

Actually, it’s 75,450 pieces. That’s the number of bricks used to make a single Easter Island Moai figure.

What’s cool though to me, is not just that it might inspire a kid to build, but to learn more about the art they’ve seen at the exhibit. If your kids are anything like mine, once they’ve seen a Van Gogh or Rembrandt, whether on a Wonder Pets episode or in a LEGO exhibition they’re always excited to spot the real thing somewhere else. –Liz

Get tickets and info about The Art of the Brick at the Discovery Times Square museum. Visit his personal website for more info about artist Nathan Sawaya.