Because as fabulous as neon, ponies, and Dora can be, this line of literary bandages are a lot more fun for adults–especially those who love Poe, Shakespeare, or Jane Austen. Who wouldn’t want a little Poe for that Halloween zombie bite wound?

Poe literary bandages | Cool Mom Picks

Each metal tin from Archie McPhee holds 15 standard-size bandages–or “plasters,” if you want to get all British about it. Our favorites are from Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, and Shakespeare, but there are tons of designs from pickles to caution tape to Abraham Lincoln.

Let’s face it, they’re a lot cooler than the designs at your local grocery store. Sorry, Dora. –Delilah

Find wacky bandages at Archie McPhee. The Poe bandages make great Halloween favors too, or for more ideas see our recent post on 7 non candy Halloween treats

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