It’s alive! And it’s adorable. And you don’t need any pesky lightning to bring it to life. In fact, all you need are a few eye stalks, some munchy teeth, and possibly some adorable chevrons and stripes, because of course monsters come in chevrons and stripes. It’s 2013, after all. If you love eco-conscious, kid-safe blocks as much as we do, you won’t want to miss this collection of adorable monster body parts that can be stuck together in creative ways.

We’ve covered Mad Scientist Blocks before, but these Stack N Scare wooden blocks from My Sweet Muffin really take monster building to the next level. There are four different sets, each with 14 to 18 pieces in a variety of eyes, horns, mouths, legs, and other fun bits to stack and stick together. The blocks themselves are made of Michigan-grown basswood and are printed in US-made, non-toxic inks. That means your kids can happily NOM these sweet monsters and their monster giblets all day long. Yum!

Stack N Stare monster blocks | Cool Mom Picks

Monster blocks | Cool Mom Picks

Adorable build-your-own monsters | Cool Mom Picks

Shall we do the Monster Mash? Yes. Let’s.

Find all four sets of Stack N Scare Monster Blocks at My Sweet Muffin.


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