As much as I love funny Christmas cards and sarcastic Mother’s Day cards, I have to admit I have a thing for beautiful, artful Valentine’s Day cards — although yeah, I like funny Valentine’s Day cards too. So much to my delight, I found an artist on Etsy who delivers on both fronts.

Look at this beautiful Valentine’s Day card from Emily McDowell Draws on Etsy. Then look closer…and suddenly I love it even more. That’s kind of the spirit of the whole shop — beautiful, feminine design with a whole lot of edge. The same goes for the temporary tattoos and art prints in the shop too, which would make sweet, affordable gifts.

Cell phone Valentine's Day card | Cool Mom Picks

You are Loved Temporary Tattoo | Cool Mom Picks

Valentine's art print by Emily McDowell | Cool Mom Picks


And hey, if you’ve got someone with this kind of sense of humor to love on February 14th, you’ve already got the best gift of all.

Visit Emily McDowell Draws for funny Valentine’s Day cards, gifts and more.