Yes, we all hope our love will be as everlasting as engraving our initials into a tree. But let’s lay off the trees and opt for a more modern approach, shall we? Check out this sweet little monogrammed ring dish from the oh-so endearing Wandersketch.

Put aside the fact that I love the faux bois (that’s fake wood, folks) trend in personalized gifts, like this favorite personalized pillow cover from Cozy Blue, and Lisa Leonard’s Sweetheart necklace. A ring dish is one of those house items I have always wanted but have never secured. And I want it. Now. This hand-drawn monogrammed ring holder is a darling and thoughtful little gift from any lover to another this Valentine’s Day. Rings deserve a special place to relax when off-duty, and why shouldn’t that place be cool as possible?

This budget-friendly gift item ($22!) has a roughly two-week lead time, so you might want to hop to it if you’re in a Valentine’s state of mind. And, ahem, if it turns out that love isn’t built to last? Well, I am told breaking plates goes well with that. Just saying.

Order your personalized ring holder and see all the other hand-sketched ceramic offerings at the Wandersketch Etsy shop.