If there’s one time of year you’ll find me getting crafty with the kids, it’s around Valentine’s Day. But only under two conditions: 1) I get to sip wine while we craft and 2) the craft involves treats. These printables, crafts, and recipes make for perfect Valentine’s Day classroom treats and Mama stays happy. Sweet deal all around.



Bear Hug Valentine's Day classroom treats | Cool Mom Picks

Printable Teddy Graham Valentine’s Day cards 
Instead of  kisses, kids can be giving out bear hugs! The Big Bear Hug Valentine’s Day tags (above) by Bloom Designs on Skip to My Lou are the cutest things ever and pair perfectly with easy-to-find bear shaped graham crackers. Once you like Bloom Designs on Facebook, you can download the beary cute printable Valentine’s Day tags for free. You’ll also get access to tons of other free printables, including a “Sprinkled with Love” tag that would go nicely with any sprinkles-topped treat.


Valentine's classroom treats: Goldfish crackers | Cool Mom Picks

Free printable Goldfish tags for Valentine’s Day treats
If you prefer savory snacks to sweet,  these Goldfish cracker Valentines are o’fish’ally for you. (Ha, we can never resist a good goofy pun for the kids on Valentine’s Day.)  The tags can be downloaded for free from Tammy Mitchell Photography, and the fish crackers can be found, oh, anywhere. As you know.


Valentine's Day Rice Krispies Treat | Cool Mom Picks

Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treat
My kids and I are thinking of packing treat bags with heart-shaped Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats we originally spied on Table for Two. (Yum!) They’re so easy to make, pretty much allergen-free, and really, what kid doesn’t like Rice Krispie treats?

Valentine's Day brownies and blondies | Cool Mom Picks

Valentine’s Day brownies
Maybe we’ll opt for these gorgeous two-tone Valentine’s Day brownies that we found on Smitten Kitchen. They look fussy, but making them is as simple as whipping up a batch of brownies, another batch of blondies, and going to town with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.


Valentine's classroom treats: honey printables | Cool Mom Picks

Honey Valentine’s Day card printable
I love this adorable — and free — Honey Valentine printable by Clementine Creative spied on Skip To My Lou. Print, sign, attach a honey stick, and the classroom treats are done. I prefer all-natural honey sticks, but you can always go with the brightly colored, flavored honey sticks which look Valentine’s Day ready in red.


Valentine's classroom treats: banana | Cool Mom Picks

Banana Valentine craft 
You can go even more au natural (and even more easy) by handing out fruit this year, as in this idea from Spoonful. It may not sound exciting to you, but wrapped all pretty with a clever note, you’ll be surprised at how much the kids will love their Valentines. You’ll also become the teacher’s favorite parent. And it’s a nice boon for kids with allergies.


Valentine's classroom treats: orange | Cool Mom Picks

DIY orange Valentine’s Day tags
Another fruity option is to pack an orange with these DIY Valentine’s Day tags from Milky Way Creations on Etsy. You pay one price and can edit them with your kid’s name and all the kids in the class, saving you from that awful moment that your kid gets tired writing after only 3 down, 17 to go. Orange you glad we found them?


Valentine's classroom treats: suckers for love | Cool Mom Picks

Free printable Valentine’s Day Lollipop wrap
We are a sucker for the classics, like a Valentine’s Day lollipop. This year, wrap the candies in this “Sucker for Love” wrap from Miss Tiina. You can use this free printable with any lollipops, but we especially love the all-natural, allergy-friendly organic pops from YummyEarth. Wrapped up all pretty-in-pink, this treat will make Valentine’s Day lollies just a little bit sweeter.


Valentine's Day DIY candy necklace | Cool Mom Picks

Valentine’s Day candy necklace 
Forget the printables all together and make this crafty Valentine’s Day candy necklace from Cute Food For Kids instead. The tutorial is easy to follow, with photos for every step, and the necklace is even easier to make, even for a classroom full of kids. This project is sure to be just as fun for preschoolers as it is for older kids. Gotta love that.


DIY Valentine's Day treat bags | Cool Mom Picks

Valentine’s Day Treat Bags
Of course if you just want to hand out Conversation Hearts, Kisses, or pink and red jelly beans, how cute are these Valentine’s Day Treat Bags that I found at Paper Source? The kit comes with everything you need for your crafty one to prettily package 28 bags of treats, homemade or not,  and definitely look better than a baggie.