My maternity basics during my two pregnancies pretty much consisted of black leggings (one pair I washed every other day), tees long enough to cover my belly and a couple of dresses with stretch. Everything else–blazers, button downs, hoodies–had been pulled from my existing wardrobe and layered on top–buttons open, of course. Operating under the same premise, that you can totally get by stylishly during those nine months with some very basic maternity clothes, is a chic new maternity collection called Storq.

We’ve found a crop of new maternity collections targeting cool moms-to-be lately, but what makes Storq different is that the entire collection consists of only four basics–a pair of leggings, a dress, a tank and a skirt. Each are intended to mix and match with the clothes already hanging in your closet.

I checked out the collection and find the Storq maternity dress ($75) to be a forgiving and flattering short sleeved scoop neck made with a luxurious blend of modal and spandex and available in black or white. It’s the perfect building block for winter or summer. With the colder months, you can layer it with a roomy sweater, some textured tights and knee-high boots. In the warmer months, it’s great on its own with either sandals or heels, if you dare.

(A little Gwen Stefani anyone?)

Chic black maternity dress from Storq | Cool Mom Picks

Basic maternity leggings from Storq | Cool Mom Picks
The modal-spandex maternity leggings from Storq ($45) are an essential, featuring a wide waistband to either pull over your bump or fold underneath it. It’s also made with extra fabric at the ankles, to ensure your pregnancy cankles will be fully covered. Or was that just me? I’ve found, having been through this a few times now, that Capris are generally unkind to pregnant folk.

Now perusing the Storq site is a bit confusing (hint: keep scrolling down below the fold), but once you figure your way around, there’s lots of gorgeous images and fun stuff to shop. Buy a la carte or grab their basic bundle, which includes the dress, leggings, tank and skirt for $195 (a $215 value separately). Not bad for basics you’ll pretty much live in for close to a year.

The downside is that the sizes are definitely not geared for the average American woman. You can find a size 0 no problem, but sizes only goes up to 12. However if you are in the 0-12 range, you can comfortably–and chicly–wear all of these pieces long after baby arrives. Without strangers still asking you, “when are you due?”

Shop Storq for maternity basics ranging from $30 – $75 or purchase a bundle of their four basics for $195 on  Also check out their beauty bundles which include skincare, makeup and bath and body products from safe brands and make a nice little extra if you’re buying as a gift.

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