In honor of  Presidents Day, and this day off from school (let’s be honest), I like the idea of devoting a little time to building a replica of the White House with LEGO bricks. The  White House Lego Set  from their Architecture Series will let your kids create a mini version of the place where Lincoln and so many subsequent US leaders slept, legislated, and did things I probably don’t want to know about. We could finish it in a lot less time than it would take for us to drive down to our nation’s Capitol, plus, once built, it looks really nice displayed on a bookshelf.

With a recommended age of 12+, it’s probably best to save the White House Lego Set for older kids, though I am sure that my 9 year old LEGO master would be just fine with this 561 piece set. Especially since he has an entire day off from school to get it done.

The White House Lego Set is available our affiliate Amazon and your local independent toy store.