My toddler loves to help out around the house. It makes him feel big, and like the needed part of our family that he is. I want to respect his efforts, even like that time he completely emptied out the closets when he “brought me the laundry.”

I have chore charts that are fantastic for my older kids, but they’re not as helpful for my three-year-old pre-reader. This free printable chore chart by Kersey Campbell for Momtastic (via her blog And We Play) is perfect for him. He can see pictures of age-appropriate chores, and color them in as he finishes each one. This makes the chart a fun activity and its own reward all-in-one, as well as a simple way to help him participate in household tasks.

Coloring Chore Chart by Kersey Campbell for Momtastic | Cool Mom Picks

I love how this chore chart helps even our littlest ones feel like they’re doing their part around the house. Things go much more smoothly at home when everybody feels valued — and it doesn’t hurt when they have something to color, too.

Download the free printable Coloring Chore Chart by Kersey Campbell for Momtastic, and get your littlest helpers in the housekeeping game.