Whether you’re having a full-blown awards bash or just plan on curling up with one other person, we’ve got the Oscar party food ideas for you. Nothing’s better than watching the Oscars with good food, some Champagne cocktails, and folks who’ll talk—or at least listen— about fashion. I’ll leave the gown breakdown for Monday morning, but today I’ve got recipes inspired by this year’s Best Picture nominees.

And don’t forget to check my post on 6 bubbly cocktails. Just to keep things fancy.

Gravity:  Moon Pies
Did you already guess what movie matches the homemade Moon Pies (above) from Tidy Mom? These are surely amazing made from scratch, but I bet you can cheat with the store-bought option. Either way, yum!


A Couple Cooks Shrimp Cocktail recipe | Cool Mom Picks

American Hustle: Classic Shrimp Cocktail
A story set in the decadent 1970’s, this movie is perfectly paired with the classy “it” appetizer of the disco years. With no sriracha or anything newfangled in the sauce, this classic version from A Couple Cooks is just as it would have been back when people were doing the hustle on the dance floor and uh, other things in the bathroom.


Boulder Locavore Lobster Risotto recipe | Cool Mom Picks

The Wolf of Wall Street:  Lobster Risotto with Saffron and Haricot Vert
For this story of excess set in the finance world of the early 1990’s, we’re kicking things up a notch, just like  Jordan Belfort would have done. Only his choice of entree is pretty much all we’d want to emulate.  This calls for a decadent dish like the Lobster Risotto with Saffron from the Boulder Locavore. And some really expensive bubbly.


We Eat Together Squash, Spinach & Feta Samosas | Cool Mom Picks

Captain Phillips: Spinach, Butternut & Feta Samosas 
Were you thinking seafood? Instead I opted for “sambusas,” which is what they call samosas in Somalia. This recipe from We Eat Together might not be authentic Somali cuisine, but they sure will make a mean accompaniment to Spiced Citrus Champagne.


A Nutritionist Eats Texas Caviar recipe | Cool Mom Picks

Dallas Buyers Club:  Texas Caviar 
Well, now, this is an easy one for me: We recently featured Texas Caviar, which is like a salsa-salad hybrid, and it’s the perfect food for gatherings.  There’s one catch in the drinks department, though. I might skip the bubbly cocktails and serve this dip from A Nutritionist Eats with one of these margarita recipes which also feel very Dallas.


The Kitchn One-Bowl Macaroni and Cheese | Cool Mom Picks

Her:  Macaroni and Cheese For One
When I imagine what main character Theodore Twombly eats—even while on a date with his beloved Samantha—I can’t help but picture this single serving of mac n cheese. And our friends at The Kitchn have a recipe that serves one person, with an imaginary bite for your phone, too. Though you might want to double it, should you actually have a real life companion for Oscar night.


Abbe's Cooking Antics Beef and Guinness Pie | Cool Mom Picks

Philomena: Beef and Guinness Pie
This classic dish hails from Ireland, where Philomena lived out her years in the film. This recipe, from Abbe’s Cooking Antics, has a deliciously easy filling. Make that and use store-bought puff pastry for the rest.


Epicurious Blackberry Polenta Cobbler | Cool Mom Picks

12 Years a Slave: Blackberry Polenta Cobbler 
It’s challenging to think of a celebratory recipe that honors such a heart-wrenching movie. Yet there’s a moment in which enslaved Solomon Northup is fed blackberries, which spurs a meaningful, if ill-fated, plan. And that made me think of this Blackberry Polenta Cobbler from Epicurious which is a nod to those berries, and also makes use of cornmeal, a Southern staple.


Erica's Sweet Tooth Corona Cupcakes | Cool Mom Picks

Nebraska: Blue Moon and Corona Cupcakes
Beer figures prominently in this booze-soaked story about aging protagonist Woody Grant. These cupcakes originally spied on Erica’s Sweet Tooth are a bit more cheerful than Woody is (although really, isn’t everything in the world?) and they sure will make a great Oscar night treat.