Maybe you have a kid at home like mine, who is always asking about how buildings stand up, or “Mom, who made that bridge?”  This great Water Tower DIY building kit  that we found at our hometown favorite Brooklyn Makers is a creative way to take his curiosity about architecture hands-on.

Brooklyn Makers curates a rad and high quality collection from local artisans and entrepreneurs, with a soft spot for super cool kids’ clothing, gear and toys. We discovered this little craft project at the perfect time, as my NYC child is currently fascinated by the structures that fill this concentrated area, including Brooklyn’s iconic water towers. This project rocks for any kid no matter where they call home, and at $21 (for the mini size, $32 for the mega), it is an inexpensive way for your potential architect to practice the craft. The water tower’s laser-cut design is made with recycled paper. This isn’t an Ikea-scale assembling event, though, so fear not. The kit’s simple instructions guide you through the project step-by-step .

Brooklyn Makers DIY water tower kit | Cool Mom Picks

I love the curiosity kids have about how things like buildings and bridges come together. This kit brings the building experience to life, the awareness that people make pretty much everything we see in our fair city — and that this could even be their job someday.  So good eye as usual, Brooklyn Makers, at finding Brooklyn awesome.

 Find the Brooklyn Water Tower kit and countless other groovy and locally themed items in the kids section at Brooklyn Makers.