I am totally a fan of free beauty samples–isn’t everyone? After all, my days are filled with more soccer games and ballet practices than they are with leisurely shopping excursions where I can try out the latest, greatest beauty products, making it hard to know what’s right for me.

So now I’m cheering for Trymbl, an online beauty retailer launching today, that allows you to try sample sizes of makeup, skin care and hair care products, even maternity, and baby care products, all completely free.

Yes, it’s free. As in no cost for the sample or shipping. (And yes, our jaws dropped too.)

Free beauty products samples at Trymbyl.com | Cool Mom Picks

There are currently 30 brands, each with a focus on premium and natural ingredients, plus vegan and gluten-free options. Don’t expect Chanel and YSL, because Trymbl is about introducing smaller companies; you know, the kinds you’d need a sample of in the first place. Some of the brands are only available here, in fact.

Just click “Try for Free” and that new lash thickener or organic almond oatmeal scrub sample is yours. Or if the product doesn’t come in a sample size, they’ll send you a brand-new full size item through their “Love it or Leave it” program. (You still click the “Try for free” button on their product page, and it’s clear at the checkout that what you’re trying is full-sized.) If you end up loving that lip gloss you just weren’t sure about on the screen, just keep it and they’ll charge you 15 days later.

In other words, instead of returning something to get your money back, there’s no charge until you decide you like it. Nice twist.

Free beauty products from Trymbl - survey | Cool Mom Picks

Ordering from Trymbl requires signing up for a free membership as do sites like Brika, Rent the Runway, True & Co and Fab.com these days. But membership has some perks. Complete a personal survey for customized product recommendations, plus earn rewards that allow you to try more than the entry-level 3 samples at a time. It’s well worth the registration, in my opinion, especially with no commitment.

Since my iPad doesn’t have a tester jar sitting out for me to try out beauty product samples like the department stores do, and I’m not always willing to purchase a new beauty product without trying a free sample first–especially if it cuts into my latte budget–a site like Trymbl was made for me. And a lot of other moms too, I’m sure.

Sign up for your free Trymbl membership for free beauty samples today.

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