We celebrate the hard work and contributions of women every day here at Cool Mom Picks. For this year’s International Women’s Day today, we are standing with ONE to applaud the essential work of one group of women in Africa: farmers.

You may not think of farmers being women, but throughout countries like Rwanda and Kenya, they make up to 80% of the agricultural workforce in some communities. Whoa.  It’s important to spread the word about their hard work to feed their communities, since investors and outside support usually go to farms owned by men.

We’ve been a fan of many previous ONE campaigns, since they never ask you for money, only to share the stories and use your voice. In this case, they are raising awareness for these hardworking sisters, mothers, and friends who so many rely on for food day to day.



ONE for International Women's Day | Cool Mom Picks

What can you do to support ONE’s campaign? Simply read and share the inspiring stories of Liberata, Anne (pictured above) and Maria, who have succeeded at farming–in part because others took the time and effort to invest in their good work. And then read more about the challenges women farmers in Africa face every day. If we collectively communicate their stories, the goal is to reach more investors who are willing to jump in and help for the good of thousands.

Finally, sit down with your kids and have a talk about this program–they might like seeing that not all farmers are men in straw hats riding tractors. It’s also great to talk about International Women’s Day and why we still need one at all.

Thanks to ONE for, as always, fighting the good fight with campaigns that really do make a difference in so many lives.

Help ONE celebrate women farmers like Anne on this International Women’s Day. Visit http://one.org/secret for more information. And please search our archives for previous year’s posts about International Women’s Day.

Our publisher Liz is a proud ambassador of and advisor to the ONE Moms campaign. 


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