Oh, those shiny, shiny cans of soda pop that your children look at so longingly. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could have the shiny outside without the sugar inside? Well, thanks to the clever design of these Cozy Cans reusable drink cups for kid from the awesome folks at Beatrix NY, your kids can have all of the beverage flash and panache with none of the high-fructose corn syrup.


Insulated reusable drink cups for kids by Beatrix NY | Cool Mom Picks

These environmentally-friendly, lead and BPA-free, bright and sassy, vacuum-insulated cans with “brand names” like Dino-licious and Bubbly Bug are made to keep liquids hot or cold. The stainless steel construction feels very sturdy and the sealable pop-up sippy straw is not the flimsy “this will snap off after two uses” plastic you usually get in a kids’ drinking bottle.

Of course they’re not cheap. And you have to decide whether you’re cool with your kid looking like she’s drinking something besides the water or organic juice inside. But I will say the fun designs made my children get into an immediate argument over which one was the cutest.

Find Cozy Cans reusable drink cups for kids at Beatrix New York.