I bought a few felted wool bowls a long time ago and while they seemed a bit of a frivolous purchase at the time, they turned out to be really useful. They sat on my dresser to catch all my rings, dainty bracelets, and tiny necklaces just perfectly–that is, until my mom liked them enough to take them home with her. So upon discovering these custom felted bowls at The Felterie on Etsy, I decided was a sign for me to add some new ones back into my home decor mix, especially considering how much I use them.


Handmade felted wool bowls for mom at The Felterie on Etsy

Each is handcrafted to your color specifications, and makes a sweet gift for yourself or someone else, especially if you pop a little bauble in that bowl before wrapping it up. The selection gives me plenty of options to replenish my set and perhaps send a few my mom’s way for a Mother’s Day gift.  Seeing as how I know she already likes them.

You can purchase the custom felted wool bowls at The Felterie. Hurry so you can get them in time for Mother’s Day. And if you need ideas for some pretty Mother’s Day jewelry ideas to put inside as a gift, we’ve got lots of ideas in our archives.