If you have a mom who responds more to humor than sentiment, here are some of the absolute best (IMHO) funny Mother’s Day cards, all created by independent artists and small companies on Etsy. Warning: some are not safe for…well, for moms who don’t have a sense of humor. But don’t worry, not a single MILF joke. Too 1999 for me.


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Funny Mother's Day cards: Lucille Bluth Card from Seas and Peas

Lucille Bluth Mother’s Day Card ($4.25, Seas and Peas)
Is mom an Arrested Development fan? Eh, it almost doesn’t matter.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Toddler Years Mother's Day Card from Row House 14

Toddler Years Mother’s Day Card ($4.50, Row House 14)
Anyone who has a toddler now can relate.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Boy Bands Mother's Day Card from Silly Reggie

Boy Bands Mother’s Day Card ($3.75, Silly Reggie)
Sorry, One Direction fans, they weren’t actually the first.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Placenta Mother's Day Card from Wit and Whistle

Placenta Mother’s Day Card ($4.50, Wit and Whistle
Oh great, another mom choice to feel guilty about.

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Funny Mother's Day cards: Favorite Mom Card from K8 Cards

Favorite Mom Card ($3, K8 Cards)
If you have two moms, this might not be the best choice.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Bikini Mother's Day Card from Cheeky Kumquat

Bikini Mother’s Day Card ($4, Cheeky Kumquat)
And if she can? Well, lipo gift cards make a nice present.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Zombie Card from Craft Colorfully

Zombie Mother’s Day Card ($4.50, Craft Colorfully)
Words for the ages.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Potty Mother's Day Card from Me and Wee | Cool Mom Picks

Potty Mother’s Day Card ($4, Me and Wee)
Of course if you’ve just had a baby this might not be the most appropriate one.

Funny Mother's Day cards: I Hate Everyone Card from Page Fifty-Five

I Hate Everyone Mother’s Day Card ($4, Page Fifty-Five)
Some days it’s true. Some years it’s true.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Macaroni Necklace Card from One Sharpened Pencil

Macaroni Necklace Mother’s Day Card ($4.50, One Sharpened Pencil)
Shhh…don’t show the kids.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Wine Mother's Day Card from Kate Makes Designs

Wine Mother’s Day Card ($3, Kate Makes Designs)
Give it to her over Mimosas at Mother’s Day brunch.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Mom Jeans Card from Wit and Whistle

Mom Jeans Mother’s Day Card ($4.50, Wit and Whistle)
Bless her.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Nursing Home Card from Tux Press

Nursing Home Mother’s Day Card  ($4, Tux Press)
An oldie but…oldie.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Rosemary's Baby Card from Seas and Peas

Rosemary’s Baby Mother’s Day Card ($4.25, Seas and Peas)
An idea to write inside: I wish I could be as terrific a mom as you…the remake is never as good. 

Funny Mother's Day cards: New Mom Card from Paper Patch Market

Funny New Mom Mother’s Day Card ($4, Paper Patch Market)
Perfect for a mom-to-be, especially if she’s in the cankle stage of pregnancy.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Cheapest Therapist Card from Emily McDowell Draws

Cheap Therapist Mother’s Day Card ($4.50, Emily McDowell Draws)
She always listened. That you know of.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Hi Mom Card from Sad Shop

Hi Mom Card ($5, Sad Shop)
To the point.

Funny Mother's Day cards: Game of Thrones ard from Everburg Photography

Game of Thrones Mother’s Day Card ($3.50, Everburg Photography)
Spoiler alert: It should probably say “Jeffrey loved being a douchebag.”

Funny Mother's Day cards: Mom sacrifice at Wit and Whistle

Mom Sacrifices Mother’s Day Card ($4.50, Wit and Whistle)
Oh, if only my own kids would get this for me…

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