Every year, we search far and wide (well, spend a lot of time on the internet) to find you the funniest Mother’s Day cards. Because some moms just appreciate a little sarcasm and wit over a flowery, sentimental message

(But hey, that doesn’t let you off the hook for saying lots of I love you’s on her day.)

We hope one of these funny Mother’s Day cards will say what you wish you had written, in a way that will make a mom laugh, smile, smirk — or roll her eyes at you for being a smartass.

All, perfectly acceptable reactions. And we’re moms. We know.

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Funny Mother's Day Cards: Thanks For Not Murdering Me by Lisa B Design AU

Thanks For Not Murdering Me Card (Lisa B Design AU)
Mom does deserve a medal for this, don’t you think?

Funny Mother's Day Cards: Trump Exaggeration Card by Top Hat and MonocleGross Exaggeration Mother’s Day Card (Top Hat and Monocle)
This Mother’s Day, make mom feel bigly.

Funny Mother's Day Cards: Freddie Mercury Card by That Cool Sign

Freddie Mercury Queen Mama Oh! Card (That Cool Sign)
Even if she’s not a Queen fan, she’ll appreciate this funny Mother’s Day card that tells her you think she’s cool enough to be one.

Funny Mother's Day texting card from Row House 14

Funny Mom Texts Mother’s Day Card (Row House 14)
Do not make fun of your mom’s texts! Okay fine…make fun of your mom’s texts.

Funny Mother's Day Cards: Thanks For The Boobs Card by Little Lovelies Studio

Thanks For Giving Me The Boob Card (Little Lovelies Studio)
My kids have never thanked me for breastfeeding them all those years and I admit I’m a little bitter.

Funny Mother's Day Cards: I Forgive You Card by In A Nutshell Studio

I Forgive You Funny Mother’s Day Card (In A Nutshell Studio)
Let her off the hook for the way you chew your food.

Funny Mother's Day card from a toddler by Mugheads

Toddler Mama Card (Mugheads)
For extra effect with this funny Mother’s Day card, sign it from the baby.

Funny Mother's Day Cards: Embarrassing Parent Card | Top Hat and Monocle

My Second Least Embarrassing Parent Card (Top Hat and Monocle)
If you’ve got two moms, give this to both of them. Heh.

Funny Mother's Day Cards: Prosecco Card by Of Life and Lemons

Prosecco Mother’s Day Card (Of Life and Lemons)
We love a mom who can appreciate a good pun. And a good sparkling wine.

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Funny Mother's Day Cards: Destiny's Child Card by Greet Yo Self

Destiny’s Child Mother’s Day Card (Greet Yo Self)
Always be yourself unless you can be Beyonce. Or Beyonce’s child.

Funny Mother's Day Cards: I Miss You Like I Miss Obama long distance card by Sad Shop

I Miss Obama Card (Sad Shop)
Let a progressive, long distance mom know just how muchI really, really miss Obama.
I mean, you. How much you miss Obama. And your mom. And Obama.

Funny Mother's Day Cards: You Did Good Card by Cypress Card Co

You Did Good! Funny Mother’s Day Card (Cypress Card Co)
Well, how many people can actually send this card?

Funny Mother's Day Cards: Fitted Sheet Card by Yellow Daisy Paper Co

Fitted Sheet Funny Mother’s Day Card (Yellow Daisy Paper Co)
There are still some lessons a mom can teach you.
And if this is one of them, she deserves a lot more than a card.

Funny Mother's Day Cards: Grandbabies Card by the Smitches

Instead Of Grandbabies Card (The Smitches)
Perfect from the happily unmarried, the happily newlywed, and parents who are all We’re done mom, God, so stop asking already.

Funny Mother's Day Cards: You Were Right Card by Cherry Laurel Studio

You Were Right Mother’s Day Card (Cherry Laurel Studio)
Because no mom ever gets tired of hearing it. Ever.